33X12.5 on a stock61

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Aug 22, 2005
I've done a pretty good search and haven't found the exact answer I'm looking for. I just bought 15 X 10 inch rims and want to put 33 inch tires on my HJ-61, essentially the same as an 62. The rims fit, but can I get the 33 inches without lifting my rig. I want to lift it one day but need more dough. Now, from what I can gather through other threads, a 33 X 10.5 will work on STOCK rims and apparently that is the max width, but can I get away with 33 X 12.5 or 11.5 without the lift?

I doubt it. Especially with 10" wide rims as most everyone runs 8". (Why did you go with 10"?)

I think the max width for 33's at stock height is 10.5" and some rub with that. Its diferent for every cruiser.
i seriously doubt 33x12.5 will fit. my truck is lifted and my 33x12.5 will rub without stuffing the tire all the way. Im sure on a stock rig you will have turning issues. I have a friend with a stock 60 and he is running 32x11.5 and they seem to work well. on a stock rig 33x9.5s will work but you may even have rubbing issues with them especially if you go offroad.
I would toss a set of longer shackles and a body lift and toss those suckers on. I ran my truck without the new springs for a couple weeks while collecting parts and i made it through a fairly challenging trail with 34's with only a little rubbing when maxed out (i just managed to back up and change lines until i could clear the obstacle with no rub). Just leave your swaybar hooked up if youre afraid of rubbing. The body lift really helps out, and if youre willing to do a little fender trimming itll work great.

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