33" tires, too big?

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Nov 25, 2008
SLC, Utah
Aight. Here's the deal. I have a 1990 Toyota 4Runner that I would love to do some cool stuff too. @ problems: 1. Money, I'm sure this goes across the board for everyone. 2. Not sure if 33/10.50/15 or 16 are to big for the stock suspension.

This brings me to my question: Has anyone run 33" tires on a stock height 2nd Gen. 4Runner? I'm sure that they rub, but where? I love the truck but no garage and no time make it difficult to start building anything towards a suspension lift..
Had an 87 pickup at stock height with extra fat 33x12.50x15s on it at one point. Tires rubbed on sheetmetal valance under front bumper and rear corner of front wheel well. Removal of valance solved front corner issue and beating back the corner with a large hammer solved other. I don't know how well they'll fit under the rear of your rig, never having owned a 4runner. Truck was a bit of a beater though, with a custom bed, so if your body is nice that may not be a good option.

I'm betting the 10.5 width tire will rub a lot less than a 12.5 did right off the bat. Any chance of getting a mounted tire for a test fit?
Figured I would ask and see.. My brother has a pair of 33/10.50 on his cruiser.

Hilux, I bet that 87 looked pretty mean with the 12.50's on it..

I also had an 87 truck with 33 x 12.50's. Mine was just a 22r and it was a DOG with stock gearing and rubbed as Hilux said on the front valance and various spots in the rear. I have yet to throw them on my 1st gen 4runner, but I think there would be some serious rub issues in the rear.
I did, however, put a set of 34 x 9.50 swampers on my 4runner - briefly. They fit surprisingly well but, as said previously, did not bode well for speed.

So basically my input is not helpful to you at all. Good luck!
I have always been under the impression that 33x10.50R15's will fit on a stock 2nd gen, at the very least with a little pounding or trimming. That's the tire size I plan to buy anyways. (91 4runner)

You can't make a set of 31x10.50R15's rub.
So the extra inch can't be that bad.
I'm a cruiser guy, but I'm researching for my dad's 83 sr5 that is getting rebuilt. So, what size tires do most guys run on pickups with stock suspensions? 31's? They look so much bigger in the pics.......

Yes, that's the perfect size for stock suspension on an '83. Good size for 2nd generations too.
I had 33x12.5x15 on my 86 4runner stock. Had to beat the rear pinch weld in. Would rub when fully turned either way. Then i lifted it with ball joint spacers and rear coils over the bump stops. After the lift it was great. Also it depends on rims offset and backspacing too.
For an 83 that's sporting a solid front axle I'd imagine?
If such is the case this is clearance with solid front axle 2.5" OME springs and 33 x 12.5 tires
I've seen the newer body style 91 truck with a factory solid axle and same lift with 31s and tons of room left

Yes, solid axle, SR5 to be exact. And, that's what I was afraid of with 31's, is too much room..... not sure if we will be doing an ome lift, as the truck only has 107,000 miles and the original leafs have a good amount bow still. We want to keep the steelies, so we've been looking at 33x10.5x15's.
10.5 would be a good width, I should have flares with the 12.5s sticking out.
I bet 33 10.50's would look great on the truck with a little lift on it.. 4Runner got totaled in a wreck so my question has been answered ha ha.. :bang:

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