3 day trip to Mojave county AZ

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May 12, 2008
The Lakes NV
I plan on coming down to laughlin for a few days and nights and need some info on trails in mojave county.

Im a fairly experianced in back country driving and am driving a 05+ taco 127" WB on 32" BFG KMs w/ 2.5" lift

hers some pics of me wheeling lower helldorado climb / strike ravine in moab


anything less than C4 this will be OK for this trip C3 would be optimal perhaps C2.5 or C3.5.



Two trips that may be more simple than what you had in mind

First of all--nice truck! I have a 2006 that I would like to set up similar to yours. The first idea of places that I can think of is the drive to the bottom of the Grand Canyon from Peach Springs NE of Kingman. The Hualapi Indians require 4wd, but it likely will not needed. This time of year it will be very hot and the beach at the river will probably be bustling with rafters. It is interesting to see the large commercial rafts being hauled out. The scenery on the drive is outstanding though!
The second trip is a very moderate 4wd trip out of Yucca up the Boriana Mine Road across the Hualapai Mountains(in the pines!). At one point you can drop down the east side of the mountains and tackle the more difficult Moss Wash trail.

the first day I plan on doing some of the trails in the moss back mine thumb butte secret pass area perhaps heading up the pole line road north of princess cove rd to lake Mojave. perhaps checking out sleeping princess trail.
... This time of year it will be very hot a...

X2, Bullhead is one of the hottest parts of the state, be prepared for HOT!:eek::hillbilly:

I got nothing on trails in that area, it's a place I would like to explore,,, in the winter!:flipoff2:

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