Parting Out 2UZ-FE out of a 1998 LX 470.

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Sep 18, 2019
Mississippi Gulf Coast
United States
We are parting out a 2UZ-FE with 284,609 miles on it. Engine is out of a 1998 LX470. No rust or corrosion on the car or the engine. #5 connecting rod failed. We believe that the heads are good (certainly the right side is good). Manifold, oil pans, oil filter adapter, the right exhaust header is not cracked, but the left side is cracked. O2 sensors, coil packs, the engine starter wiring harness, etc. are all good. Timing belt covers, harmonic balancer, are good. RMS cover plate is not good.

No reasonable offer will be refused. We are not looking to make a killing here, just offset some of the costs of the swap. We will try to post pics here as it comes apart.

Post here if you need something specific. Located in Ocean Springs, MS.

Compression numbers are/were:

compression numbers.jpg
I’m looking for the shift linkage and hardware between the shift lever and the transmission?


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