2nd Gen Sequioa...What should I be looking for, and what to watch out for?

May 18, 2019
Hi all, so I initially thought that I would be looking into a GX470 or older 4Runner...Drove a GX and both my wife and I were a bit surprised with how small we felt it was relative to what we are planning on using the vehicle for. This will be our family road trip, powersports hauler and my daily driver. Now, we've been doing lots of activities lately with my sister and brother in-law and 3 (3, 7, 13 ) nieces as well as my sister in law and her son (11 months) , along with my wife, myself and our 7 month old son. So having a vehicle that all of us, or most of us can pile into would be a big benefit.

My wife's parents also just got a lake house and we're definitely going to be getting some jet skis to use there etc.

Anyways, looking at used 2nd Gen Sequioas and wondering what things should I be looking for? What are known issues that I need to watch out for or any specific maintenance that I want to make sure has been done outside of regular oil changes (thinking anything similar to timing belts at 100k like the GXs and V8 4Runners)

I live in MA, so I'm expecting to find some surface rust on just about anything I find, but know that Toyotas in general seem to be a little more susceptible to rust problems with their frames etc.

Eventually I'd like to built it up into a camping and light overlanding vehicle. I know that there's a lot less aftermarket support for overlanding than the 4runner and GX, but things can be retrofitted from the Tundra and I've seen some awesome builds on this sub forum so I know it can be done.

Thanks so much for your help everyone.
Feb 23, 2015
I live in South Ohio and drove to northern SC to find one that the frame wasn't already suspicious or already been replaced but I was looking for an older one with miles at a discount. Wound up with an 08 platinum with 160k. Love it. This one's about as clean as they come certified at an Acura dealer. The rear hatch window regulator was rusted so bad it was hard to believe (look at my thread on replacing it). Luckily it seemed to be isolated to the poorly designed bare metal of the regulator but if it sounds like sand rolling around in the hatch when it opens and closes that's what it is. Other then that been very happy with my 2nd Gen so far.
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