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Dec 15, 2007
North Bend, OR
United States
Lets actually make it a 3fer deal. 1997 LX450, 1995 FZJ80 parts car (includes Cab, frame, Drivetrain minus axles)....not parting out so don't ask, 1973 FJ40 frame off restoration.

Well the summer is here and the kid is getting closer. Add that up with an unknown destination for our Next PCS move and it is time to really try to move these.

I've basically decided to keep the LX450 hoping it would get some use but I figured I'd give it one VERY last shot here.

The LX450 is ready to do anything you want. You name it, it can do it.

The FJ40 I'm still nailing down the last few things like the hard top, running boards, brakes, and brake lights. But I'd like to clear up the driveway and focus on the other projects and bigger things comming.

Anyway. You take them both within the next couple weeks to save me from thinking about it all the time you can get them both for 19,900. I just really need to focus on some other things. Yep, a super built up LX450 and a full frame off restoration FJ40 for less than you would pay for a fully restored FJ40.

Here is the rebuild thread on the 1973 FJ40

The LX450 has the following.

1997 LX450 with approx 220K miles and factory lockers. Head Gasket not done as far as I know. New Radiator and Brakes all around, has new upholstery in front, rebuilt power steering pump and did general tune up with dist, plugs, wires, etc about 3K miles ago. Beautifully black underneith and not a SPEC of rust anywhere on the vehicle, except on rear window wiper arm as I bought it from someone up in PA but i sanded and painted. Have an extra on the parts vehicle if that gets to you.

As for the Mods
Early Complete Slee Lift with 5" Comp Coils (very heavy duty). It more like a 4" lift though and less without the spacers if you think that is to much for you. Have extra spacers for the rear if you want to put in a lot of weight. Without the wait it sits buggy that way.
Slee D.C. Driveshaft
Early F.O.R Bilsteins...much nicer ride though I ran out of adapters and only have one on but I can tell the difference over the OME L's.
Full size roof rack
48" farm jack
315 KM2s with less than 1K miles on them
Extended Brake lines and diff breathers
Slee Skid Plate
Slee Sliders
Slee Rear bumper with tire swing out and full 35" MTR Spare 100% Tread
Has pintle and Ball hook up for those trailer expo guys
ARB Front bumper
Warn 12K Winch with Syn Rope and wireless remote (good for up to 100') Have extra switches for in-cab control as well but figured why with the remote.
PA Speaker so I can yell at people
Keeping my CB but that is what I use
1200W Continuous inverter where the 6CD Changer was...almost perfect fit
LED Lights thruout the entire interior
Aftermarket stereo for Sat radio and Ipod
Put the slimline Polk 6.5" speaks in the front, some phoenix golds in the back and was going to mod the center sub for my interior speaker for the CB but didn't not get there yet.
I've done the 7 Pin mod and put in a CDL switch
Also have OEM Hand Throttle (nice for running that York)
Speaking of which have York onboard Air setup I have not installed yet
I also have a sweet self monitoring Dual Battery setup with 3FE OEM battery tray (INSTALLED).
White face gauges (have not been put in yet as I was going to order a few LED's to replace the D light that was out)
Viper remote start (REMOVED)
Brand spanking new DEPOT headlights. Was going to do the projector MOD to them but again they just came in. I also have the Toyota grill to make these work with the LX450.
Have extra switches and perfect fit grid heaters for the heated mirrors option. Just never got a chance to put them in. I was waiting until we moved to somewhere cold and I could order the seat warmers and put those in as well.
Also have switch and extra security garage door opener (brand new in box) for interior garage door opener.
Left the snorkle with the parts rig up in NC along with the water bottle relocation kit.

Missing the adjuster on the driver side seat but still works, screw in drivers door handle...kinda annoying sometimes. Needs new high pressure hose on powersteering resiviour to pump. I should have replaced it like everyone said to do when I rebuilt. I did not and now it leaks. EGR light on. I tried the redneck fix but it keeps comming back on every couple hundred miles. I guess I need some sort of resistor for it. Has a scratch (rebar on the one time I took it on a side road). Hood is fading. Hmmm also weather stripping around drivers window just seemed to disappear and I can hear the wind comming thru it a bit. Window was always kinda slow when it got below 40 anyway so probably needs the new seals as others have done to fix the slow drivers window. Font end doesn't leak anything and really clean around birfs. That being said the upper trunions on both sides are starting to wear and result in a slight vibration between 50-60MPH. Heater vents missing a few grills but all work fine. Broken antenna mast. Motor works fine but mast is snapped on last few inches. Tape around intake boot.

If interested send me a PM or e-mail. Not OBO or anything like that. Not looking to break up the deal really but will for the right price. Just need to be done with the Land Cruisers for a few months until I get settled again and can hop on board with my FJ43.

Thanks, Jason
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Dec 15, 2007
North Bend, OR
Here are some pictures in the old Ebay link.

The reseve wasn't met but wishing i could have made a deal at the time. My wife's belly is getting bigger and the prospect of moving at the end of this summer becomes more real.

Still would like to get rid of them both at the same time and make it easy as they both need to go anyway.

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