2f rod bearing help!!! real time!!

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Feb 10, 2006
I bought a used 2f for a 60 project. Owner said it needed new rod bearings. It came with new bearings all they needed were installed. I pulled the pan and expected to start pulling the caps, but they were not on there. I found them in a box of parts he sent with the motor underneath the air cleaner and smog parts. Nothing is marked other than each cap has a number on it. How do I know which cap goes where and which way it faces? I know little about motors so I will ask what happens if the caps are not in the right place or turned the right way? Thanks for any help.

Number shoud correspond to another number on the rods themselves.

Look carefully at each rod.
From my personal experience from along time ago, the caps have to go on the right ones or you will have more problems down the road. The crank will not turn right ( be really tight ).

Did you look to see if maybe they used a punch to mark them with and not the #'s. Some people use a punch instead.
numbers I am seeing are on the bottom of the caps.
They are cast in the caps not written on there. Do these numbers mean anything?


With any luck there are either numbers or dots stamped on one side of the rods and the caps.

Are there any there?

Pics would help if they are available
I cannot see any numbers on the rod. I did find some markings on the rod where someone had marked them, but they marked them all the same with 2 t's. I just assumed the numbers cast into the cap have to mean something. I am assuming if they are mismatched and tight the motor will not turn. Then could I not put them all on and not torque them down. And torque them down one at a time and make sure the motor turns each time then if it did not then that cap is in the wrong place and needs to be somewhere else or am I way off base?


Do the t's span the gap between the caps and the mains???

If you can line them up you will be okay
might work...

I guess that I would look to see if you can find some other markings on them to tell which cap belongs on which rod...

you will not even have to try and turn the crank...if you put a cap up with the bearings and torque it, and the rod does not move on the crank, you will need to try again. A properly fitted rod to the crank will have a little play on the journal.....you will understand when you are in there....

Good luck!

The factory does not number the rods (or caps). They do howfer put a stamp mark across the joint. An "I". The marks should line up exactly when you have the caps and rods paired correctly. Sometimes the marks are not real deep, so you may have to work at it a bit to make sure you have them all with the right mate.

This will also indicate which way the caps go on. Regardless of the marking, the notches on the inside (where the bearing tang fits) go on the same side.


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