2f in colorado

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Mar 6, 2007
United States
*SOLD*complete 2f engine from 1978, carb to pan. was running when pulled. compression #'s were all 95psi except #4 was ZERO. good rebuildable core. $500obo. Located west of Denver in Summit Cove (near Keystone). (970)409-8900 Matt
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I am is oregon and am very interested!! are you willing to ship and if so, do you have a idea on cost
I would prefer local pick-up. May be able to take as far as MOab. Anyone from OR. going wheeling with room to bring back?

I guess that before we really figure this out, how complete is the engine? does it have things like the alternator, air intake, partialy intacked vaccum lines. I have a running 2f that needs all of these kind of things. The PO totaly hacked the engine compartment, and although it actualy runs great there are little things like the alternator is tensioned with a turnbuckle to the valve cover!!! There are al kinds of screw pluged vacum lines. I guess I need a mostly complete engine that I can pick apart as well as use as a guide to hopefully get mine in better order

the emissions equipment is not intact. Air rail capped, etc. To restore yours to stock pick up an emissions factory manual:


I do think I have alternator and bracket (i'll have to check). And lots of emission nonsence from a 60.
They usually run better w/o if you can get away with it. I've seen some easy to follow diagrams here on mud...

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