2F autopsy - is this normal wear?

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Mar 21, 2010
Tearing apart a 2F out of a '75 40 that, somehow, threw a rod :crybaby: Anyways - I've never done this before and am wonder if what I'm looking at is normal wear and tear for a motor with ~93000 miles:

5 of 6 rings top compression rings were broken into two neat pieces

Bearing from #4 crank cap looked pretty ugly:

Took all the pistons out - when I got to #2...I swear there was no bearing! Here's what the journal looked like:

All the other journals looks shiny and smooth.

This is a new-to-me cruiser, but I was told it just puttered around town from the PO. Is this the sign of a neglected motor, or normal for 93K miles (I doubt it)??
This motor's getting scrapped - big hole in the side of the block. Just tore into it for the experience.
That looks to have been run low on oil, or somehow got started with the distributor not engaging the oil pump for a bit...

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