24 Eldorado National Forest Routes Reopened!!

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Oct 22, 2003
El Dorado Hills, Ca.
I searched to see if someone had already posted this up, but didn't see anything. Still 18 closed, but I think the majority of the trails we enjoy are the ones opened up.

I'm going to have to head up 50 to the Ranger Station to get a map of the reopened trails to see which ones they are!!!

Here's the page I read it on.

The best part of the Press Release beyond the opening of 24 trails is:

"Eleven appeals were filed on that decision and I am happy to say all 11 were withdrawn, which paved the way for me to open the 24 routes now and to get on with repairing the other 18."

So, it looks like eventually all of the trails will be reopened at some point in the future.

Looking forward to my trip up to El Dorado NF in about two weeks!


I smiled at that statement also!! I do think the other trails will eventually open, they just need to figure out bypassing the affected meadows and water crossings.

It's been a long time since we've been able to just head up the road and enjoy a nice day of wheeling!
What are some of your guys fav spots just outside of sac? Closer than Fordyce, con, and strawberry...
I really like the trails up off Hwy 88 like Pardoes, Deer Valley, Barney Riley and Strawberry Trail (connecting 88 to 50).

I also like Corral Hollow Trail off Hwy 4.

I know these are kind of far from Sacramento but they are fun alternatives to the ones you mentioned!

Barney Riley and Corral Hollow are Alpine County and are not affected by the trail closures.

Here's a good page with maps and trail descriptions!! http://www.californiajeeper.com/
Cool. Thanks
Deer Valley and I believe Strawberry are still closed as they were not on the list. They have issues with meadow/stream crossings that still need to be dealt with. There is a long ass thread on Pirate that details it all.
Last time I was at strawberry there was no gate or signage from the hwy 50 side..........
.... :/
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I don't think there is any signage on any of the closed trails
Sacto, hope youre available 1/5 for a local get together. Check out gold country cruisers in the clubhouse section. Looks to either be at one of the guys houses or maybe prairie city... I'm new to the group myself, but looking forward to it! Anyone available for a few hours tomorrow late morning wheeling? I'm thinking prairie city is closest... I'm coming from dixon..
Georg from valley hybrids is currently getting my rig to pass smog, but I hope to have her back by early Jan.

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