Wanted 22RE long block

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Mar 11, 2008
Goodyear Arizona
United States
my nephew is a idiot and drives a 93 Toyota extra cab 4 wheel drive pickup and never checks his fluids. Long story short, water on top of the piston and a crack in the cylinder. The block is trash and he needs a new one. Anyone have any good leads on getting a block in the Phoenix area? I checked ebay and craigslist in the area but nothing. Any help would be appreciated. He will probably lose his job because he cant get to work so we have to get this pretty quick. Thanks guys.
Check the vehicle salage/recycle yards out on south 35th on the west side of town. They have Toyota specific yards.

You could find TAP in your area. Toyota Auto Parts has rebuilt 22re's longblocks for $1,100 without a core.

Type in 22RE Toyota in E-bay and you will find several shops that sell rebuilt ones with some crazy long warranties. They can ship them.
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thanks, i'll take a venture down there this weekend.

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