22re 42's

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Nov 10, 2013
Between states
I'm posting this here as I think you guys would know the best. I'm debating about putting fj80 axles under a Toyota pickup and running 42's along with 2 fuel tanks dual batteries and winches. Plus tool boxes with tools and spare parts. Would a 22RE put out enough power to run highway speeds for distances or would a 3.4 swap be a better idea?
If you put enough gear in it, but going that low with the smaller pinion you don't have as much tooth contact. If going through the effort of a axle swap I'd opt to go with a larger axle.
That's why I was thinking 3.4. I could probably run 4.88's and be fine. Might be a little low but a supercharged 3.4 is what I have in mind. The 22re's are great I just don't think 5.29's will cut it for highway speeds with an automatic tranny.
The 22re with proper gearing would be great on the trail. Not gonna cut it on the highway though. It's the weight and wind resistance at highway speeds that kills all your power no matter what gearing you have. I have a 3fe in my wagon riding on 39's and 5.29 gearing with plenty of trail power, but I'm planning a swap to a 350tbi to get highway power. With a headwind I can't break 45mph. Downhill with a tailwind and I'm doing okay. Granted, my rig is heavier than you are building, point being wind resistance. That's where horsepower trumps torque.
If you're wanting to keep the trans and t/c, a 3rz is an easier swap and it can be supercharged also. 150 HP stock, close to 190 supercharged. This is what I want in my '85 4Runner some day...
I'll probably go 3rz. I just pulled the efi stuff off of it for my '84. And I'll use the a340f tranny. Cuz you can put disk cases on it as the a340h has a hydraulic transfer case and is an older style. Thank you guys for the input. In a few years I'll do this build, for now I have to get my '84 up and running as a DD then save up some money for this build.

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