20R or 22R?

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Sep 5, 2007

did 86's have a 20R as a stock motor? i am looking at a truck, the owner says its a 20R. how do i tell if it is a 20R or 22R by looking at the motor? it is carbed. so i know it is one of the two, and it is 4wd.
well the owner could have swapped a 20r in.
the best way to tell is first check FAQ, second look for the #'s on the engine and search them.
The 20R is just a de-bored 22R anyway...

And the vale covers interchange, so IMO that as an identifier is out...

Removing the exhaust manni and spotting round exhaust ports will tell you if it's got a 20R head on it. I don't think you'll know if it's a 20R block unless you remove the head... Or can make 20R out on the number plate behind the alternator IIRC.

It could just be a 20/22R Hybrid

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