2019 Lone Star Cruiser Round Up

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Brokedown southa Dallas
Aug 24, 2008
N. Tejas

Registration is open!

To learn more and register for the event visit our new website.
We heard that bfore, your pile stinks :hillbilly::flipoff2:
Sure 'nuf can't argue that point my fine lil' Mes'kin friend.

But this year's shapin' up to be dif'rent ... so far. 🆒

At 0230 Mountain Time on Friday, 01 March ... I done snuck outta Cheyenne in the cover of darkness.


And proceeded to drive lil' over 12 hun'erd miles that day and the next in order to arrive at a top-secret location in Texas. No issues with the lil' jeep at all. None.

'Cept when I got there, I realized the new tires and rear axle made the overall height 'bout inch and a half taller and she wouldn't fit in the pre-measured garage. Aired down to 7 psi all the way 'round and squeezed 'er in tho.


This secured location puts my jeeper just a handful of hours away from the event. I'm at an airport now flyin' back to work and I got a plane ticket booked to return next Tuesday.

So ... like I said ... be arrivin' at the event Wednesday afternoon. Booked at a bed and breakfast place in downtown Mason.

No camping?

Our plan is to come to the round up and camp out, and before you ask, Alma ain't coming, just the Boys and myself.

Here I am giving you hell and I am still on the fence.
My dad is sick and struggling with the loss of Mom last year.

We took him to the Dr. last night and hopefully he gets a lil' better between today and next week.

Will see

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