2019 Big Junk Run

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Apr 28, 2005
Looking to get back to Clayton this year. Fireman and I thought the weekend of Veterans Day would be as good as any. That would be wheelin' on November 8 and 9. November 7 and 10 for travellin'. Camp, park, or crash at the Clayton Country Inn. I'm bringin' the Speck. See y'all there. :grinpimp:
I live in houston and may be interested. what kind of terrain is the wheeling?

You need big junk to run up there, hence the name. Big rocks and difficult trails. I'm on 37's and my truck is the smallest one there when I go. If your rig is the one in the picture I would not bring that one. The Round Up is in March in Mason, TX and that would be a better option for that truck.
We go to Green Acres in Clayton. It is creek beds, ledges, and big rocks. The trails are rated about 4 to 5. Jeff is right, it is for big junk. I am on 40" tires and often feel inadequate. But, it is a "non-event." It is just an informal gathering of folks to run bigger trails. There is a lot of forest service land up there. I have never done that. If no one wants to go to Green Acres, I could be convinced to take my Taco instead and try the forest service stuff.
Both folks are spot on, the “front side of the mountain or trails” are creek beds and ledges with drops and climbs, I would say 35-37 are smallest tire I could see there.
The back side of mountain, unless your confident in your rig, skills, and ability, don’t go. It’s huge boulders and long climbs over and over and over.

Honestly- if you don’t want body damage, it’s not for you.... now the social aspect is great!
I don’t want to push you away, just give you a honest answer
A sad attempt at an event on the Green Acres FB page has been made. PLEASE don’t hesitate to correct my info or offer up more details.

It looks like, due to poor planning on my part and conflicts with most of the regular attendees, it is not going to happen this year. I'll see if I can do a better job next year. Maybe shoot for Veterans Day weekend again.

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