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Turd got some final adjustments done at TNT this past week and is sittin' dead on ready out in their parkin' lot as I type this post that no one'll read. :meh:

I'm on a big bird outta Philly this afternoon and gonna try to go fetch 'er after I get home tonight to get 'er loaded out.

Callin' for freezin' rain and snow tonight at the homefront so might make for an interestin' start for the big roadtrip in the mornin'.

Well a lil late to see Who will show up to the crawl from the WT...
If would have known earlier ...would have made the trip in my bad ass 03 Lancer just to hang out with some the WT folks that I have not seen in while..

May be next event...Life is Tough, and really need to get away from here to breath some fresh air...


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