2015 SR5 Premium 4Runner Gas Mileage :-(

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Nov 7, 2003
Long Island, NY
Hello all - just needed a place to bellyache......

Just bought my first new Toyota (have had lots and lots of used cruisers, etc...)

Advertised 18 city 22 hwy???? I just put the first 2000 miles on it (bought it with 18 miles).

Here is the breakdown:

Where? Nashville, TN to Orlando, FL and back.
When? Feb, 2015 (temperatures ranged from 22 degrees to 75 degrees)
Wind? Headwind of 5 mph going down, tailwind of 2mph coming back (on average).

Average going from TN to FL: 16.2 mpg HWY. Speed: 78 mph
Average coming from FL to TN: 15.8 mpg HWY. Speed: 78 mph
Average city consumption prior to leaving on the trip: 15.5 mpg City.

When I slowed down to 65 mph, consumption would ease up about .5mpg.

VERY disappointed. But, meh.....I love the truck to pieces. I know that the TRD Pro and LIMITED will be even worse because they have a fulltime 4wd configuration vs. the SR5 and SR5 premium, which is modified 2WD.

Still, my complaint is why is my averages nearly 6-7 mpg LESS than advertised?

Method used? Odometer backed up with iphone GPS, divided by gallons consumed. Which proved the on-board display MPG to be fairly accurate (within two tenths).

2015 Toyota 4Runner SR5 Premium ACTUAL: 15.5/16.2 NOT 18/22
That sucks. I think they figure highway mileage at 60mph don't they. A lot of times people see fuel economy go up as engines and driveline components are broken in. I would keep track of your average mileage for a while and go back and talk to the dealer. Remember when Ford owed a bunch of people $$ because of advertised fuel economy.
Our 2014 Tundra was the same way the first few thousand miles. It got better with time but we average ~16 mpg combined city / hwy. Usually the only long distances we do in it are when towing the 40 and I average ~10 mpg then. And you speed isn't helping. Back off the skinny pedal and you will see better numbers.
Could be worst. You could be forced to go 55 and get 12 mpg... Oh yeah that what happens when you drive a 40 LOL. But you ride in STYLE.
I would be bummed too. My 4Runner gets 20mpg if I keep it at 70 or below hwy.
I got something like 25mpg in my 98 4runner...in 4wd....at 45mph cross eastern CO and all of KS. What a long freakin day.

But I would let it have to break in time and see if it improves.
My first tank on my '15 trail edition was 23mpg on the highway - but going 65ish through a snowstorm in Montana. Last weekend we ran up to MT again for an 800 mile road trip and I averaged 21.5mpg going between 75 and 90mph. Most of our posted highways are posted 80mph so 85-88 is pretty std highway speeds. Around town I'm more like 18. Using the "aCar" app on my phone that I enter my own data I've averaged 18.4 over the first 2400 miles. I've only switched tires to same size p rated goodyear ats and added a hidden winch and rock sliders. Otherwise it's totally stock.
What engine v6?
I just bought a taco 4x4 dcsb and I'm getting 18.66 at my last fill up. I know different trucks but was courious if it was same motor
The 4runner only has 1 engine option now. It's a 1GR with dual VVTi. It's the same as the later FJcruiser, but not exactly the same as the Taco. It should be pretty similar though. The 4runner version is the same displacement but about 30 more hp/tq.
Ya, my boss has a 2015 4Runner limited, I have an 04 sequoia and our mileage is almost identical at highway speeds, seems when you push the v6 mileage suffers

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