2009 LC MFD Panel Switches (MAP, MENU, INFO) not working

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Jul 6, 2018
University Park, FL
2009 LC MFD Panel Switches (MAP, MENU, INFO) not working
I’m hoping that someone could suggest the next steps. Every other MFD Panel Switch is not working (MAP, MENU, INFO), perhaps the pattern is of significance. I went into the “secret menus” and didn’t find error codes. Additionally, when I perform the Panel Switch check, no sound is emitted when I press any of the buttons, both working and non-working buttons. I don’t have access to the INFO screen, but I did see online in the upper right corner of the INFO screen a button to turn beep on/off. Perhaps mine is turned off, however you would think that after resetting the unit it would return to the default and beep when the buttons are pressed.

I performed MFD reset in several ways, disconnecting negative terminal for a period of time and pumping the brake pedal 10 times, disconnecting both positive and negative terminals and having them touch for 60sec. I took the MFD apart, expecting to find mechanical issue with the buttons or loose connection, but didn’t. The Panel Switch circuit board shows number 718X28 36. I reassembled the unit, no change, issue is still present.

I didn’t check the fuses yet. This is my next task. Perhaps someone can direct me to a specific fuse(s) to target.

Thanks in advance
I didn't drive the LC until today. When I checked today, NAVI had an error code 01-E3-00-1. Does anyone know what this means?
I checked all the fuses, all looks good.
I'm resigning to the fact that the MFD has an issue. I either have to repair it or replace it. Does anyone have a recommendation for a repair facility?
I read somewhere to disconnect the Satellite Radio Interface. My vehicle does have one, based on the records it was installed by the dealer at the time of original purchase. Does any one know how to disconnect the Sat Radio Interface? FYI the vehicle was also equipped with Lojack at the time of the purchase, but the previous owner doesn't remember using it or how it works.
I disconnected the Nav Computer, but this didn't change anything.
I disconnected the Amp, but this didn't change anything.
I read an older 100-series post from 2010 describing same issue, gnjwenta stated that the "The dealer just called and said they found a couple of blown fuses??? So it's good for now.", I reached out to him but no response yet. Does anyone have any ideas what fuses I may have overlooked. The fuses i checked were located under the hood, driver footwell, and passenger footwell.
I'll check the FSM and see if I can figure it out from the wiring diagrams. If you want FSM access, PM me
Short version, MFD was not fixable.
Long Version, ASAP had the unit for about 7 weeks, they tried to repair it, but ultimately they couldn't. They acquired a similar broken donor unit, to swap parts to no avail.
Original quote stated, $75 diagnostic fee or $300 repair fee. Today, I paid the diagnostic fee and they are sending the unit back to me.

At this point, my options are:
A. Keep the existing unit and accept the fact that three buttons aren't working, it's manageable, the Land Cruiser MFD is mediocre at best, I only use it for hands free calling and display radio station I'm listening to, for travel I use my phone anyway.
B. Locate "like" replacement unit, best price = eBay = $1,500
C. Replace with Tesla like (i.e. 16" screen), but the jury is still out on that, i.e. long boot up time, loss of some functionality (I can live without the entertainment system, my kids are old enough).

What do you think is my best option? If the Tesla like screen was one for one swap, where I wouldn't lose factory functionality, this would be a no brainer, I would order the Tesla like screen today.

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