2008 FJ cruiser rear end problems?

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Apr 6, 2022
So I'm currently looking at a 2008 fj cruiser for sale that has the stock rear locking diff. I've heard that the differentials were beafed up after 2007 and beafed up again in 2010. I'm planning on using the FJ as my daily driver but would like to be able to go overlanding on the weekends (not planning on doing any rock crawling). I've heard horror stories about the 2007 diff but not much about 08-09 diffs. Are the 08 & 09 diffs good enough for daily driving and mild off roading or are the 2010-2015 cruisers the only ones to consider?
Anything that was actually built after Feb 2007 (check the door label for the born-on date) should be fine. Unless you are rock-crawling or really wailing in the mud, the stock differential won't give you any issues.

The 2010 and up models have an overall beefier axle housing and differential carrier (third member) and are often referred to as the 8.2" diff.
I am of the opinion that if it has lasted this long its one of the "ok ones" (vast majority).

Buy based on all other variables...miles, cleanliness, maintanance well before which diff it has.

Plenty of guys ripping it offroad on stock 07 diffs....usually other things go first and most likely due to driver error lol

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