2007 Sequoia Beige metallic Pearl LMTD. 4wd - wheels and rims on stock suspension?

Sep 14, 2018
Whats crackin everyone!

Quick side note: ran into a IH8MUD member a few weeks ago with IH8MUD on his Lic plate, in the Elk Grove area. He was driving a green Landcruiser with a rhino black finish painted hood on scs ray 10s.. Nice dude and we chatted about his "LC" and the price increases recently for late model LCs. Nice dude by the way!

I'd like get me some of them SCS10s too... but i don't know jack about this wheels & suspension, rubbing,etc...stuff

What issues would I run into if I went with the ray 10's 17s -10 offset with let say a tire like BF ko/2 265/65/17 or can I go slightly bigger? I don't plan on upgrading the suspension at this current point, would hate to spend my chips$$ on the wheels only to find out I need to upgrade/ spend more to actualy use these rims/ wheels. Oh and what about the tire pressure sensors, I need those too?

Do you guys think the deep bronze rays 10s would be too much on the gold color sequoia?
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