Parting Out 2007 HZJ79 (new style) front clip body assembly, AB, Canada (1 Viewer)

Dec 27, 2017
Grande Prairie, Alberta
I'm reluctantly selling the front clip from my 2007 LHD mining HZJ79. On these modern bodies, this appears to be mostly one piece ahead of the cab. There are several dents on the supplied fender and hood, these should both be replaced with new. I'm needing $2300 USD for the whole front section as-is, but I can take $500 off if you don't want the hood or fenders. Buyer to pay for shipping and my packing in plywood crate.

I'm selling off the rad support, the headlights, the remains of the chopped plastic front bumper, plastic grille, all of the Toyota bodywork ahead of the cab. The extra mining steel front bumper and the mining steel has already been removed.

My unit has some surface rust, and will need refurbishment. Only the edges of the fenders are rusted through here. Photos attached.

Serious enquiries only, please reach me by PM rather than in the main ad here.

front clip.jpg



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