Wanted 2006 or 2007 LX470

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United States
I've regretted selling my built LX for the past year and half and am looking to get back into one. I'm pretty particular though, so here's what I'm looking for:
- 2006 or 2007 LX470
- White with tan interior (and not the sand dollar cream color)
- No accidents or paint work
- CLEAN truck with maintenance records
- prefer mods (lift, bumpers, etc) but a solid, clean truck will trump a tired modded one

I've got cash in my pocket and am ready to board a plane and travel across the US for the right truck.
Bumping this up as I'm still looking for the right truck.
Bumping again. My current daily will be going under the knife soon and I'd like to have another LX before then. Anyone know of any? I'll pay a finder's fee if a lead ends up in a purchase.
Got my out of south Texas through a friend in San Antonio. He seems to have good luck finding cars.
Richard Bakke-1-210-344-3669.
Tell him Dave from Park City sent you.
Good luck!
Thanks for the recommendation. In searching his name though, there's a lot of bad press out on him . . .
OK, you motivated me to share ones I've come across (and your finder's fee offer helped ;) ) as well as do more research on your behalf tonight:
I'm happy to go check them out for you too if they're not too far from me.

This should keep you busy for a minute...

I should seriously do this for a living! Well, I sort of do. I research and scout locations for films. :)

2007 in Bellevue, WA white with tan... new brakes, tires, timing belt and water pump and lived in Texas - 1 Owner, this could be your new ride?

2006 Pristine 98k miles in Augusta, GA but high asking - says:
"One Owner Lexus LX470 with every service record from Lexus since day 1. Never ever any accidents or issues just a pleasure to own. If only the the cleanest, best maintained will do then you need to see this one."
http://www.auto.com/cars/Lexus-LX-470-2006-JTJHT00W764018220 Haven't called to see if it's still there...

Here's one 2006 listed pearl white near me (So. Cal) with decent miles, 118k but has DVD sets, no sunroof (if that's important to you):
*all services done by dealer incl. full 90k service*

Here's one in Tulsa, OK 2006 118k and white/tan

2006 White w/ tan, clean, only 99k miles! In Houston! Have you checked this one out yet?
here's direct link: looks to be still avail. http://www.fusionautoplex.com/web/used/Lexus-LX-470-2006-Houston-Texas/21717838/

Here's another nice white 2006 w/ only 97k miles in Denver, but sometimes from photos it's hard to tell, may have gray interior:

ANOTHER nice-looking white 2006 in Denver, they list int. as "beige" but it looks more gray to me?

2006 in Oregon, white/ tan higher miles:

2006 lower 108k miles "crystal white" http://www.motortrend.com/ni/classifieds/208041330/4818/
*Crap went to their direct webpage looks like it recently sold

2005 in Colorado, with tan - not sure if they still have it?

This one looks really clean but the wheels are n't my cuppa tea, it has only 80k miles but the year is wrong for ya - it's a 2000!

Hope these lead to something for ya - Cheers and happy searching! :beer:
I'm in the business of money - it usually motivates people.

I've actually studied every listing you've mentioned over the past week. A lot seem to be clean until you start looking into the details. And then the one at L&B motors - their smoking something really good if they think they're going to get $40k.

In the end, I'm flying out this afternoon to see the one in Tulsa. I've got a deposit on it and we'll see how it looks in person. If that doesn't pan out, the one in WA is next on my list.

Let me know if you come across any others. Thanks.
Cool. You're welcome for all the time I put into it :) Too bad it didn't come up with any new ones, you've obviously already done a huge amount of research yourself then, since I scoured pretty deep.

I'm sure one of those will be nice for you,
Good luck

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