2006 MazdaSpeed6 Turbo, AWD, 6 Speed W/ Low miles

United States
Bought only a few months ago after someone hit a deer with it, replaced hood, bumper, lights($3400), grill, and windsheild. Have over 150 pics of it in the condition and rebuild. Like new. Sticker on one of these cars is over 30k. Its the Grand Touring with heated leather, Bose Premium Sound System, and every bell and whisle. Its a 310HP manual 6 speed, all wheel drive, turbo car. Limited Production of these cars, very rare...and very fast. If you have a family and the need for speed then you have found your car. Call or email for more pics. Thanks and God bless


Has Mazdaspeed CA Intake and I have all parts receipts straight from Mazda for the rebuild, no aftermarket junk here. Although Mazda estimates 0-60 mph times to be 6.2 seconds, recent independent tests by automotive journalists have suggested that the actual numbers might range between 5.4-6.0 seconds (with DSC deactivated). There are less than 4000 of these cars in the US... It has a key fob which unlocks doors and locks doors as the fob travels with you, it has a keyless ignition with only the key fob needing to be present to start.

So about the car, its like new, I have put about 6k on it for a total of 10,000 miles on the car, little more when it sold I am sure becasue I am still driving it. It runs just like a new one, I promise. The air bags did deploy in the accident but I replaced all of them including the modual, all that has to be done is for the dealership to reset the code from the old air bag module to the new one, a $30 fix and I will have it done. It is completly loaded minus the navigation system,.....Bose premium sound system, HVAC is thermostatic controled, seats are heated with a vented leather for the seat air flow system to work efficently, 6 speed tranny is so nice, interstate at 85 mph RPM are 2400 and it has a ton of pick up even in 6th gear. This car is first class all the way, my buddies 07' BMW M3 is slow and not as comfortable as this one and you know the price tag on a M3 . The intake added good throttle response to the motor and its a blast to drive, for the price no one will find a better all around car. Any questions please call at 423-618-0087. Willing to trade for a dark color 02 or newer 2500 Suburban or Yukon XL with big block 8.1 4x4 and leather. Just had the 3rd baby and though it would fit our style but just too crowded in this thing for me(6'2 255lb) and the rest of the family. Need to travel for work also with family so suburban or Yukon will do nicly. Thanks and as always God bless..


Heres the photo pic link to the car.....


$22350 obo

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Apr 10, 2005
That thing is BADASS! man .... turbo, 6 speed, AWD! man .... i wish i had some $$$$ (drool!)

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