SOLD 2005 VW Phaeton V8 in Oregon

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United States
This black Phaeton has the 335HP 4.2L V8 motor and 6 speed automatic transmission with the 4motion/quattro all wheel drive system. It is amazing to drive! The dark grey interior has 4 zone climate control, 4 heated and cooled seats with built in back massages. There are too many features to list. Mileage is about 164K miles.
If you aren't familiar with the Phaeton you really should look it up. It is an interesting story about an amazing car. It is a Volkswagen designed to compete the BMW 7s, Audi 8s, and Mercedes S line. The Bentley factory interiors they put in these cars are so comfortable and luxurious.
After purchase I completed a great deal of service and maintenance. I replaced the axillary AGM battery and had the transmission fluid flushed(by mechanic). The major tune up was completed and included timing belt, water pump, replacement of air filters, spark plugs, and resealing of the top end, including removal of the camshafts and timing adjuster assemblies to replace their respective metal gasket and rubber halfmoons. All 4 camshaft seals were replaced along with front crankshaft seal. He replaced the thermostat and a plastic transfer tube near the heat exchanger and two of the serpentine idler rollers. New valve cover gaskets were replaced at that time. A broken intake manifold runner flap actuator linkage was replaced with a custom made steel linkage, all 8 front control arms were replaced with new ones from TRW. 16 body plugs in the main floor pan and all three front bumper guides were also replaced at that time.
This is an amazing car and I would love to keep it but right now we are up to 4 vehicles and I do not use it often so it has to go. What I will miss the most is the cooled seats. In the summer they are fantastic! Having owned a BMW 7 series and an Audi S-line I can say without question this car is fast. The legroom in the back is the most I have ever seen. My 7 series was a L(long body) and there is more legroom in this one.
Last year we moved to Central Oregon and when it snowed last winter the local snowplow would dump a large berm across the front of my driveway. So during the winter this vehicle sits in my garage on a battery tender. I would love to sell it or trade it for a higher clearance toyota; landcruiser, 4runner, FJ cruiser, or tundra. I can add $ to make it work.
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I haven't had any service issues. I did spend a bit at first because I didn't know what had and had not been done so I just had the works done when I got it. It has always ran great and since then just oil changes.

The W12 would be fun but I was afraid it would be a bit harder to work on and the V8 seems to have more than enough power to pass. It is super comfortable and drives like a dream. I do think about getting something with more power from time to time but would want something lighter. Funny enough out here in Oregon it was looking like an early spring and I had told my wife that I was planning to take it for my next work trip and jinxed it. We had a big storm and I have about 4 inches of snow at my house and I don't know how much is on the pass.

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