2005 Liberty LTD Auto Transmission Issues

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Oct 5, 2011
STL, MO / Middle USA
My old lady's '05 KJ tranny is acting up. It often has a long delay & huge "thunk" when shifting from reverse to drive. It also sometimes seems to "forget" or delay downshifting when coming to a stop & then taking off again (it feels like you're pulling away from the stop in 2nd or 3rd gear).

She's had the vehicle since new, it has 95K on it, & has never been off-road. Never had any issues with the trans before. To the best of my knowledge it's been kept up to date on it's dealer required services, & I think that the fluid was changed once a few years ago when it was in a front end collision (IIRC the trans cooler lines to the radiator and/or the radiator it's self were replaced).

I'm curious if a simple fluid & filter change is the best place to start, or if there are electronics that should be looked at. Perhaps I should find someplace to have the tranny "flushed"?

I know that she has an extended warranty, but not sure if it's expired yet, or even if it would cover this. Allready had bad experiences with dealer gouging her just to "check out" some previous issues with the truck, so I'm leery of getting them involved.

Any input is appreciated.

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