For Sale 2003 VW Jetta Wolf 123,000 So Cal

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United States
I'm selling my 2003 VW Jetta Wolfsburg edition.

$5,000 OBO.

123,xxx miles (about 75% are freeway)
5 speed stick
Body clean except for a small baseball dent above RR wheel well.
Driver seat has a worn spot about where left kidney would be.
Just had major service (40/80/120k) at dealer.

MPG high 20's to low 30's. I'll have to check MPG now with tune up just done.

I've owned it since new, and would probably keep it as a DD for another few years but I have a baby now and need a DD + Camping/ towing vehicle with room for everyone and dogs.

I have a Ranger for DD but it won't hold everyone unless the car seat is up front and the :princess: sits in the back jump seat. Enough said.

The Jetta needs new tires (now has Eagle GTs with 3/32) and according to dealer: Tie rod ends "rubber cracking" & new fuel lines after the rail.

With these things fixed, I'd drive this car anywhere.

Autocheck clean, title in hand (Lien signed off by VW credit)

I'll put up some pics tonight.
Link to Pictures

Here's the link to the pictures.

Let me know if there are any questions. I've only driven about 30 miles since the tune up but I topped off on gas today and the last tank was about 27 MPG.

Flickr: vta_tom_vw's Photostream
Price drop

Bump for the weekend and a price drop.

I'd really like to turn this into 'Cruiser cash so I can update my signature line :cool:

$4,500 is the new price.

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