2003 sequoia sr5 4x4. will 255/85r16 tires fit? how much lift?

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Aug 13, 2011
Weddington, nc
I need tires and plan a lift..i would like to go bigger but not huge or too wide. any thoughts?
I am thinking that the slightly narrower tires would not have issue with rubbing the control arms. no advice?
^^^ this. 33-34x12.5s with 3" lift is ideal. No need to re-gear unless you tow a lot. Even with stock wheels 33s should still clear without rubbing. But if you're lifting and adding bigger shoes, new wheels are a must anyway ;)
thanks for the input guys. the wheels I have are not oem 16s (unsure of the offset) and with 265/70R16 there is about .75 inches of clearance at the control arms
33s will fit with no lift, slight rubbing on full turn/stuff.
It depends on wheel specs.
I've got 33s and 1.5" lift in front with slight rubbing, but only at full turn/stuff with unknown spec 16x8 wheels.
I am planning on going up 3/4" to level it when I go to 295/75/16.

Front: Bilsteins 24-261425 (Top Notch)
Rear: Bilsteins 33-187174
OME 2862 Rear Springs
1.5" Synergy Performance Wheel Spacers
285/70/17 - Federal Couragia MT Mud Terrain Tire

Spacers needed for no rubbing. You can get away with 1.25" but I went with the 1.5" just in case. The track width looks mean as well!



looks great
I ran a 1.5/2 inch lift and hammered the seams. My 255/85/16s rubbed one side at full lock. There was an alignment issue that never got resolved (something about the cams on the UCAs) before I sold it.
The new owner was going to run spacers (it was aligned, drive straight, etc, just rubbed).

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