For Sale 2003 Land Cruiser in Columbus Ohio

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United States
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This car runs great and has no issues. There are a few cosmetic issues noted in the photos. I have to get a truck with a larger towing capacity for a new boat that I have. This has been the best car I have ever owned. I am the second owner and purchased it back in 2006 I believe. The car has only required the prescribed maintenance of tires, oil, fluids, timing chain, etc. Nothing has been required to repair because it simply broke. Land Cruisers come loaded in one trim line. There is a reason these cars are Toyotas most expensive offering in their line. They are well built and last! $14,900 OBO contact Troy at 614-783-5329
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Folks will want to know current mileage, mileage of last Timing Belt/Water Pump change and, being from Ohio, will want undercarriage pictures and an honest description of any rust.

Good luck with you are right, Cruisers are the best!
Those Bobcat plates must add at least 10% value. :) I used to live in Grandview on Glenn, about a block from Rotolo's - many years ago.

Back on topic, I agree that you might want to list detailed maintenance history. Pic of the driver seat? Good luck with sale.

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