2001 TRD suspension fitment question

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Jul 14, 2004
Pullman, WA
Hey guys-

Newbe here to the 4runners. I mostly lurk around using everyone's great advice. But I do now have a question and would love input and advice to see if this would work.

I came upon a set of 2001-2004 Toyota Tacoma TRD Suspension setup with 4 Bilstein shocks, 2 coils, and 2 sets of leaf springs.

I have a stock 1990 SR5 4Runner - V6, Auto and wondering if I can use anything on my 4runner, namely the coils and shocks. I know the leaf springs won't work.

I was wondering if anyone has used the front TRD coils in the back of a 2nd Gen 4runner and if that would work? And if the shocks would fit or are usable?

Thanks in advance -

across the board, no. Everything is different.
Thanks - appreciate your reply!

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