2001 Navigation DVD

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May 25, 2006
So I ran my battery down last night, but not dead. I had lights, but needed a jump to get 'er started. Today I noticed that all of my previous destinations have been erased. More importantly, I can no longer enter my home address as a destination. The Nav still seems to work for destinations that can be entered and POIs, etc. I talked to the local dealer and he suggested that I pull the DVD out and pop it back in. The issue is that I can't get the disc out. My Nav DVD is located under the front passenger seat. I pulled the protective plastic cover off. There is a slide lever that opens a door to the DVD slot, but the DVD does not eject.

Two questions:

1) Has anyone had a similar problem?

2) Does anyone know how to get the disc out of this unit?

Thanks in advance for the help! I'm heading out on driving vacation at the crack of dawn on Friday morning and would like to have the Nav system fully operational.
check the manual - I think there is a button you have to press to eject the DVD - this is going from memory as I had a similar situation to yours, and after ejecting the DVD, turning off the engine, and restarting the vehicle everything was fine.
Thanks JKelly! So I pulled out a drop light (instead of the AAA battery pen light I was using) and it made it much easier to see. I guess the lesson here is to use adequate lighting! :eek:

The Eject button is behind the slide switch which opens the door to the DVD slot. The DVD popped out and looked fine. I put it back in and after fishing through the on-screen menus I realized that the default region had changed from NorthEast to Mid Atlantic. I guess there are no roads in the Mid Atlantic with names similar to the road I live on. As soon as I changed the geography everything was fine!
I'm having a problem with the Nav on my '01 LC. The red direction triangle is cirlced and blinking......and I can't get rid of it.........how do I get back to just the red triangle????? any help.

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