Parting Out 2001 LX470 Full ML Stereo


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Feb 6, 2020
Oh High Oh

I intend to sell this to a fellow Mudder, but I wanted to get feedback on a fair price for both parties. What is included:

3-way front speakers, no woofer, tweeter, or midrange bracketry
2-way rear door speakers in OEM pods
Subwoofer enclosure with speaker
Pioneer-manufactured OEM In-dash 6 disc CD changer head unit
ML Amplifier

Everything works when it was removed from my truck. I did a full stereo overhaul a few months ago, am moving, so it is time to let it all go.
All speaker woofers have been refoamed, all speakers are in excellent working order. I'm not including any OEM wiring as I'm not going to remove it from my truck.

Again, I'm looking for a fair price for both parties. The buyer is interested in the parts as a project, and they don't serve me a purpose anymore.

Thanks for your feedback.
Apr 23, 2021
Houston, TX
Are any of these parts still for sale? Would be interested in speakers and sub. Thanks.

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