For Sale 2001 LX 470 130k/Austin TX

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United States
I have a very nice 2001 LX 470 that is all stock, new tires, no leaks, no issues. pearl white with tan leather. Asking 14k obo.
She is at Lexus now getting all maintenance updated and will be logged into the registry.
Very nice looking vehicle.

How's it look on maintenance?
Any accident history?
Are you the first owner?

Sorry for the spam of questions.
Very nice truck. Just bought one like it and love it. Definitely worth a second look IMO.
I am either the second or third owner. from what I was told, the carfax shows a minor rear end collision in late 2013. no deployment of airbags and I cant tell of any damage. The plastic hitch cover does show to have a scrape on it. the front bumper also has a small scratch in the front corner, but has been touched up and buffed. Other than that she is very clean. I just dropped over a grand in her to make sure the water pump, timing belt and other belts are done and all maint up to date. They said it looked to already been done, but now has OEM parts and should show up in the registry as complete. currently has a little over 131k

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