2001 LC with Nav amplifier swap or keep

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Jul 30, 2012
Goldsboro, NC
We have a 2001 LC with Nav that had a TSB for a bad amplifier. The previous owner never had it replaced. The first couple of years we just dealt with too much bass, then speakers started to disappear to the point now the only sound is coming from the small speaker at the top of the door in the front.

Have read several threads and can't come to a definitive conclusion on route to take here. Can the stock amp be replaced with any amp or does it have to be a toyota part due to the navigation issue?

Checked some of the online parts dealers and the toyota specific amp goes for 650-700 dollars it looks like.
Hey silverg,

Not sure if you can put an aftermarket amp in that place or not, but I just had an aftermarket stereo put in my 2000 non nav LC this week. I've got the factory amp, which they took out of my vehicle if you are interested and want to make me an offer on it. Let me know if you want a photo of my amp, it was working fine when they took it out. Good Luck!
People have put in a Alpine PDX 5 in with good results. I am thinking of taking mine in and seeing if they can switch my stock one to that maybe one day.
Did you figure this out? I'm in the same boat, having a hard time finding an answer. Anyone?

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