2001 Avalon Hood Latch Problem (1 Viewer)

Mar 28, 2003
Somewhere in NJ
Not LC related, but my :princess:'s 2001 Avalon has a stuck/malfunctioning hood latch. I've checked the cable and with the son pulling on the release thingy under the dash, I can feel the end of the cable clicking in the latch assembly itself (I lay on my back and reach up along the top of the condenser where the cable runs to the assembly). When I say "clicking", I mean like a small metal thing tapping against the assembly housing--not the pop sound you get when the release is activated. While I can't see squat about what's happening up there, it makes me think the end of the cable has become disengaged from the latch mechanism.

Dealer said they'd have to drill out the assembly and replace it to the tune of $200 plus... New assemblies go for about $20, so I guess the rest is labor.

Anyone have any ideal of how you can open a hood in this kind of situation? I'd prefer not to pay over $200 to have them drill the thing out.

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