For Sale 2001 4runner SR5 4x4 Lansing, MI

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Long story short, My kids and I were on a bike ride this evening and I realized I dont need this vehicle to have "special moments" with them. That being said....

I bought this about 6 months ago from a dealer here in MI. I am the second owner and I bought it to replace my pick-up cause the kids were getting to big for it. I use a 4x4 to get off the beaten path for camping and what-not. But everything is getting to expensive and I have just as much fun riding bikes with the kids around town.

The good....

- Only 107xxx miles.

- Everything works, the windows, locks, heat and AC, lights. Nothing doesn't work.

- The only fluids that have not been replaced are the brake fluid and the power steering fluid. Diffs and transfer case are running Mobil 1. Coolant is the Zerex Asian from Napa. Transmission is Valvoline 75,000+ Dex 6.

- Timing belt service was done at 73xxx and the sticker is on the belt cover.

- OME 881/890 springs with Monroe shocks in the rear and OME struts in the front.

- 265/75/16 Yokohama Geolander AT/s tires have about 2000 miles on them with certificates from Discount Tire.

- Front brakes are new but I replaced the discs with runner discs. The next upgrade was going to be the Tundra brakes. The discs are slightly warped already. The rear shoes will need to be replaced in the future, but still have life in them.

- SPC upper control arms.

- Tacoma outer tie rods and lower ball joints.

- Inner tie rods and poly steering rack bushings

- Sonoran adjustable panhard bar.

- New rear drive shaft built locally using 1310 joints throughout.

- 20,000btu Long/Tru Cool transmission cooler bypassing the stock cooler. Radiator has not been replaced.

- Does not leak or burn a drop of any fluid. The transmission pan was leaking, so I pulled it and replaced the filter and used a rubber gasket on the pan. Even the valve covers are dry.

- New plugs and wires and I believe they are Denso. That or they are NGK, I do not remember which.

- Kenwood head unit and CB mounted in the dash.

The bad...

- There is some rust on the body. One spot is on the drivers door, it is bubbling up from under the paint and about the size of a quarter. And I believe on the passenger rocker there are a couple spots bubbling. No perforations, though. There is some surface rust on the underside of the body and the frame and rear axle. But considering this has spent its entire life in MI, it really is not bad. No frame rot, nothing falling apart, no holes. That was going to be one of my next projects, get some POR15 on everything.

- The drivers door panel has some of the fabric just above the handle separating from the backing. Some glue should fix it up.

- There are 2 spots missing the little plastic push rivets, one on the drivers door panel and one on the passenger kick panel for the center stack.

- Will need rear brakes.

- The rear sway bar is off and one of the bolt broke off in the mount on the axle. But I have the bar.

- One of the bolts holding the brake line mount on one of the front knuckles also broke and the bolt is still in the threads. I have an industrial zip tie holding it on right now, and see no reason it needs repaired anytime soon. It does not effect safe operation.

We just took this on our vacation up north, 600+ miles without one hiccup. We even managed 23 miles to the gallon average with our Thule evolution box on the roof. This is ready to go, the time and money I put into it was centered around making it a safe, reliable family camping rig.

I am asking $9500 cash. I am open to trades for a low cost beater plus cash. Or something like a KLR650 plus cash. Have clear MI title in hand. I am sure I am missing some of the good/bad issues, and will add/address them as they re-enter my mind.

Bike carrier and medical chest pictured are not included.














Im am motivated to sell, so shoot me offers. However, It hurts me not to let it sit in the driveway as it costs me nothing to not drive it. So no lowballers. My asking price is well below what I paid for it and everything that is new on it.

Partial trades for a dual sport preferred.

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