2000 LC good deal?

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Jul 18, 2007
New Braunfels, Tx.
Found a 2000 with 133,000 Mile. Timing belt and water pump just done.looks clean. They r asking 14K......thoughts? New to hundy's

I would think that's a bit high. I got mine for 8k three years ago with new tires and religious serious by the previous owner.

Keep looking around, you will know when the right one comes.

It's all about negotiation. If you could have gotten that at 12k, I would be a taker. But it's your value proposition that we're talking about here, so don't feel pressed. I have a 2000 LC, but I'm tempted to buy another and Ive seen plenty of deals.

Keep an eye on the classified, but as long as the economy is in the tank and prices stay high, there will be inventory..

If you're committed to getting a LC, you will soon have one.:smokin:
Thanks all. Not pressed but miss seeing one in the drive way! I just sold my 3FE and miss it....I would like to find 2003. Seems to be meet that juncture between $ and capabilities on/off road
A good price will also be highly influenced by where you live. 14k is a very reasonable asking price for a clean low mileage LC here in Portland, but again it's an asking price...not what you actually end up paying.
Yep. Noticed they asking a bit more for them up north. I would imagine due to weather conditions. Texas likes their trucks.....tundra's are doing well here

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