2000 4Runner - Painting Rear Spoiler/Wind Deflector

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Feb 22, 2012
The rear spoiler/wind deflector on my 2000 4Runner banged up against the bottom of my garage door and ended up with some scratches. I want to re-paint the thing but am unsure about the best way to do this. If you're unfamiliar with the part it's aluminum that's been painted a flat black.

Should I sand, prime and paint or can I just paint right over the existing paint? Should I be using an automotive paint like Dupli-Color or could I get away from any flat back spray paint from the hardware store? I want to make sure it stays on and doesn't fade with the sun/rain.
Check into plasti dip.
You can sand the wing and just repaint over the existing finish. Where the scratches and scuffs are you may want to use a little primer or putty. Regular spray paint will fade. I would recommend using a single stage paint. It's cheap and easy. There is a company called spraymax. They offer a hot rod black 2 part paint in a spray can. Once the activator is broken inside the can you'll have 72 hours to use it up. It's just like you had it professionally done and it will last just as long.
Here is a link to a store that sells it for about the same price my store does. Amazon has crazy prices on these cans. Almost double what I sell them for

SprayMax 3680212, 2K Urethane Hot Rod Satin Black, Aerosol

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