For Sale 200 series roof rack & running boards

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May 19, 2015
San Diego, CA
United States
Stock roof rack bars and stock running boards off my 200series local pickup
$100ea or $170 both
Sorry the rack is sold, however I do still have the rails since he didn't need them.

Running boards are still available
By rails, do you mean the outside pieces (running parallel to the doors) that the cross bars attach to? Sorry, just trying to make sure we talking about the same part.
You are correct. I only have the outside rails as you mentioned that run parallel to the doors that the cross-bars would attach to.
The guy only wanted the cross-bars, the Hardware (i.e. bolts) and the end caps so he could increase the number of cross-bars
Ok, thanks. I am actually looking to do the same. Currently have an LX570 and would like the larger roof rack. Do the rails come with the necessary parts for install, excluding the cross bars? If so, would you mind shipping and how much?

Thanks for your patience with my questions.

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