$200 - NEW Double Carden Rear Shaft - Must Move ASAP!

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Sep 27, 2012
Sweetwater, TN (East of Knoxville)
I need to get this shaft out of my garage folks. Tell your friends. Buy it as modern wall art. Give it as a gift. First $200 + shipping costs takes it! Local pickup around 101 and 51 Freeways in Phoenix preferred.

I've got a brand new Double Carden rear drive shaft that needs a new home ASAP. I've driven 50 miles on it before buying LCA's for my OEM shaft. The shaft was built by Curtis Tatton at Tatton's Driveline in Utah back in September. (It's the larger shaft in the pictures)

Shaft was built based on standard length for an OEM shaft at 38.25" according to Curtis' book. My flange to flange measurements on a 3" lift was 37.25 but I had him build to 38.25" in case I mis-measured as the old shaft was still in place. This DC shaft measures 36" fully compressed and comfortably extends to 38.25" showing about 50% extension. Seems to be in spec for 3"-4" of lift according to other posts I've read through. Joints are Spicer 1310.

Curtis had the thick flanges machined to accommodate the shorter Toyota studs and the OEM hardware fits very well.

97 LX450

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