Trade 200 interest .Trade & $ .Ohio Rust Free 05, 100

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United States
I’m interested in a 200 around $35k or less. Clean is required. No rust, can travel.
I have a Beautiful Street queen 05 Slee/Arb build from Vegas with no rust! 218k miles, value $18,500 + Howling moon Stargazer ,Arb Deluxe room Awning for additional $2,000. Inquire about finer Details and Show me a Clean 200 Cruiser.





Excellent,Well serviced records,Female owned to 198k. Then built and Never Offroad (Yet)

Street Queen is Slowly being built, And still cruising Mall (For Now) . So next its a Rigid Light (40”) ,High lift jack, Shovel and Matrax up on a ARB Full length Rack. Have items and just need time to install

If it had all of that I would be super tempted at $13k

How much did you pay for the rig in Nevada?
We already discussed this on Private message. I sent you the original Add from Kings Chariots where it sold 20k miles ago for $22,200. I have sales Record.
If You want to discuss further. PM me
And Nada Blue book Dosnt apply when you add Thousands of Dollars in Extras, as I previously explained.
I added Few Thousand $ in last 20k miles and Did Preventative maintenance. So I feel $18 for rig w/Rtt Howling moon and new Awning delux room extra $2k is Fare.

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