2 fj60/62s for sale $5,700 each OBO

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United States
2 cruisers for sale in kansas city
first one is my 1986 fj60 4spd manual 170k miles. white w/ blue int. sony cd player. 2" lift. 31x10.5x15 goodrich all terrains. 50%+ remaining
not a show truck but nice cruiser.
manual locks & winders
had it about 6 months, put 7k on it as daily driver. drove it 987 miles home with not problems.
cruises 70-75 here in midwest.
had it checked out by an alignment shop when i got it just to make sure it was legit, suspension, steering & so on. didn't need anything
new dash pad
new slave cylinder
new belts
new battery
engine rebuilt 35k ago, 3 years
supposedly tranny was rebuilt but I don't know how long ago
rear heater works
tranny is great, no probs.
4 wheel works great
i have rear sway bar off fj62 w/ brackets but not yet installed
I just removed old stained carpet, gutted interior and had floor sprayed w/ bedliner from fire wall to tail gate
large roof rack included but not pictured
has been repainted original color but older job
sony aftermarket cd player

the bad:
typical cruiser rust started on quarters & upper tail gate but still savable with a patch or two. tiny spot barely started on fenders since I got it.
console has seen it's better day but still works
tear in drivers lower seat
dent in lower valance under right head light
has a few door dings
had some gas drippage under fuel door, ate paint a little
all smog stuff is still intact but smog pump is free wheeling due to pump locking up. pulley was deveined and free wheels but randomly squeels a bit at times, been doing this since i got it with no ill effects. i am trying to fix/replace currently

see pics
im trying to add more pics but haven't yet found a way around the 3 pic limit. i can email more

cruiser 2, my pop's 1988 fj62 very nice (will add pics this afternoon)
127k original miles
sand/pewter color with brown int., interior looks like is a year old, super clean. outside is pretty dang nice too. had front end repainted a mont ago due to rock chips. NO RUST, no damage to note other than nice dent above passenger tail light. we have a new lamp but need dent repaired first.
power locks & winders
4 wheel works great
no lift
new brakes
does have aftermarket front bumper with warn winch. works fine
cruise does not work and tape deck clicks for a minute when you start it but then quits and works fine
shoot me any questions and i can take additional photos if need. price is best offer but no low ball nut shots please, we own these for a bit more than we maybe should and are only so flexible. looking to get/build fj80 of some sort. 80 trade considered, must have lockers.
Picture 023.jpg
Picture 013.jpg
additional pics of the 88 fj62

turns out it does have just a little bit of rust starting of upper rear hatch. see pics
Picture 024.jpg
Picture 026.jpg
Picture 027.jpg
more pics

first pic is odomoter of 88 fj62, the rest on here will be of the white 86 fj60
Picture 025.jpg
Picture 015.jpg
Picture 016.jpg
more fj60 pics

some interior pics and the rear end
Picture 017.jpg
Picture 018.jpg
Picture 019.jpg
couple more

couple more
Picture 020.jpg
Picture 021.jpg
Picture 022.jpg
nobody? $5,500? throw in that case of tomato sauce!
that is 12 flavorful cans of tomato sauce, canned for your convience. add some noodles and you got spaghetti. I'll throw in a land cruiser too. check em out!
price drop

$5,300.00 obo
holy jebus, everyone calm, I can't answer you all at the same time. if you'll kindly form a line somewhere I will get to you as soon as possible. no fighting, I have 2 cruisers. I'll take $4,700 for whitey, sand colored one is too nice and i own it for too much. $5,000 firm. I'll wait you out, winter time is only like half a year away now.
Unfortunately for you, folks are unloading these dirt cheap. There is no way we will ever get out of them what we have in them (and I'm talking just the price of the parts, not counting the love). With the price of gas on the rise, the outlook doesn't appear to be too bright either.

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