For Sale 2 fj 40 s 1978

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United States
I have 2 78 fj 40 one has title and the other none,the one that has no title was checked out and sold thru AAA as a parts only truck,has most all parts f2 transfer/4 speed.has rust on pass floor,no inteior.looks like the wanted heater,wheels,seats,cage,parts off dash thing it would run with very little work...other is a title fj with a patch floor on driver side and is striped almost bare roller,both have disk brakes..was going to make one from both,but plans change..3,500.for both..can email photos after tuesday..send p/m..I will not part out.this could be worth the time for a nice 78 if you have room and so cal..long beach area

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one of the fj40s is on ebay under at 500 right now..

PRICE CHANGE 2750.00 bump 2 the top
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