SOLD 2 Alpha 35mm Locks and a Bunch Others (1 Viewer)


Nov 12, 2017
Southwest USA
You might be asking why Alpha padlocks are being offered in a Land Cruiser classified section.

Toyota made padlocks available for early 40 series Land Cruisers to secure the underseat tool box and the spare tire carrier. 30mm HHH No. 5000 locks were available for very early model years, through around 1965. Toyota starting using 35mm ALPHA No. 1000 locks after that.

So if you happen to be a lock collector as well as a Land Cruiser junkie, this is probably up your alley.

Includes are two of the vintage 35mm Land Cruiser locks in addition to all the others you see. Most are from the same period. I managed to collect the different sizes in various lots that I've purchased overseas, and since I only need 2 of them, I'm offering the rest. One of the 70mm and one of the 30mm locks work pretty sketchy, but they do work. All others work great. Sizes range from the mammoth 70mm to the 20mm hatchlings.

$135 for all of them shipped to anywhere in the lower 48.


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