$2,900 Instant Off-road'er: 4runner, lifted, lockers, 35's

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United States
FOR SALE: 1990 Toyota 4Runner $2900

- 3vz 3.0liter v6 engine w/ replaced head gaskets and many maintenance upgrades including all new v belts, serviced water pump, new ngk plugs, new oil & filter, chassis lubed, new toyota oem air filter, upgraded ps pump, new battery, good brakes & more
- 4 door
- Tailgate and rear power window in working condition
- Detroit full locker in front
- Lock-rite full locker in rear
- Manual Aisin hubs (installed by J.T.s)
- Toyota OEM Air bags in coils with air fittings on bumper
- 4.10 Toyota gears
- Pro Comp 35's with 20 - 30% tread left, siped
- Pro Comp 5 hole, 15", steel wheels
- 31" spare on tailgate carrier (toyota swingaway type)
- Pro Comp 5" IFS suspension lift done by J.T.'s Differentials of Wenatchee, WA.
- Pro Comp shocks
- Pro Comp steering stabilizer
- Auxillary lights (2 on front bumper, 1 on rr bumper)
- Recent exhaust (2007)
- No rust
- Napathane coating on all inner wheel wells
- Recent rust prevention of undercarriage
- I have lots of receipts for this built rig

- no stereo
- broken antenna
- pretty dinged up on passenger side
- 3 broken windows
- over 300k on rig

This 4runner started life as a daily driver single owner on I5 up north of Seattle, WA. Then Carl of J.T.s bought it to build up as a Moab rock crawler. Then he got married and pregnant and decided it to sell it to me. I loved the thing until I put it on it's side last winter. I built up another DD 4runner (which is for sale on ih8mud as well).

It currently has a broken windshield (still drive-able with it but pretty cracked up), broken passenger door window and far rear view window is also broken out. The top is kinda crunched where we put the tow rope on to pull it back over. It is pretty beat up on the passenger side and the driver side is nice and looks good. The passenger side doors work but nor perfectly. It would not take to much for a body guy to get this thing completely driveable. I was quoted $1000 from a local shop here to make it functional (not pretty) or for the guy who wants something to thrash on at the trails here you are! The interior is in fair shape with no major tears or rips just usual wear on seats (lifted truck driver seat syndrome) and banged up from the wreck. We are non smokers.

The frame is straight and the truck runs down the road like you would expect a lifted 4x with worn tires to go. I had the front end aligned, tires rotated and siped not too long before I wrecked it.

It is a very capable 4wd. I have primarily used it for deep snow driving getting in and out of our mountain top home. Even with the used tires it will literally go anywhere in the snow. My driveway is long and gets up to 6 feet of snow on it. I can easily drive in and out all winter without plowing at all with no problem. It is amazing. The lockers in this rig allow for unbelievable traction. I am sure it would kick butt in 4 low on any rock crawl you could throw at it. A set of 5.29 gears installed in this would give more gearing options when off road in 4wd but presently when in 4 low you can drop into or climb up anything.

Currently this rig is unlicensed and uninsured. It can be test driven up here at my house if you want to arrange for it or it can be put on a trailer and driven anywhere you like for a fee.

Even if you have a stock 4 runner that you want to build you would still be ahead if you bought this rig. The IFS lift, 3rd members with lockers, axles, shocks, wheels and tires , lights plus all the spare parts and working 3.0 liter engine would cost much more if buying new stuff and paying for shipping.

Interested parties please feel free to contact me to discuss.

You Tube Video Link Posted Below.... :clap:


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This is located in Sandpoint, Idaho 83864. About 90 miles nor east of Spokane,WA. Hopefully I can get the pics and vid up today. My laptop took a dive so I have to borrow a computer until my new one arrives.

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