For Sale 2 1987 HJ60's- North Bay, Ontario

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United States
Two 1987 2H Canadian spec diesel Landcruisers: both automatic

Price: 2500 for both (will post pics once the freak May snow storm we just had melts :doh:)

Bought the daily driver at 217k and drove it to 305k without more than a new rad, exhaust, brakes and batteries
in the last year.

I dreamt of restoring her but have realized that I have too many projects and not enough knowledge about vehicles to keep fooling myself with this notion.Plus I needed something newer for my job that I didn't have to worry about. Better that someone with the knowlege do it. I think that it has a lot of life left!

Daily driver: still running good
Bought at 217 and driven to 305k
air (stoped working within the last year)
body: rough in some places, pretty good in others
frame: really good except for a spot near the rear axle
tires: finished
rims: original in really good condition
exhaust: replaced in the last year
Rad: replaced in the last year
transmission: a doner from the other vehicle (so I was told) has shifted improperly since I bought it so I don't know how it's supposed to shift! Has not changed or let me down since I bought it. Original trans is in the back of the parts truck.
4wd: transfer case makes some noises, don't know if its bad or not. works ok
rear wiper: not working, stopped last year
brakes: front calipers and rotors good; rear drums need replacing but still work. Need to be pumped once to stop so I'm thinking the master needs work? or some other vacuum leak?
Front end: needs springs (one is broken), and relay rod. Those are the things I know about. The right tie rod was replaced right after I bought her when it poped out....yikes and lucky that I was driving when it happened.
Valve cover: started leaking about 5k ago and I kept debating getting it fixed and pouring about a quarter litre of oil in for every tank or so
Leaks: none otherwise. Leaked oil out of the banjo bolt a few times and I put in a new copper gasket. Leaked fuel a couple times and just required tightening the bolt on the IP.

Parts cruiser: had close to 500k on it when it was parked (was told that it was still running when he parked it)
body: really rough
frame: don't know, looks pretty bad
air: none

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