1st SoCal Swapmeet....June 26th in Cherry Valley!

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Oct 9, 2008
Lake Arrowhead, CA (was), Rocky Top, TN (is)
:bounce2: FINALLY, we're gonna do this.....Saturday, June 26th from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. :bounce:

calstyl2 has generously volunteered to have the swapmeet at his property in Cherry Valley. The address is: 40024 Grand Ave, Cherry Valley, 92223 and is located at the corner of Grand Ave. and Cherry Ave.

There will be enough room for 40 indoor spots that will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Heavy/large items will be displayed outside.

Please provide your own tables, stands, etc. No haz mat will be allowed. All minor children MUST be accompanied at all times by an adut.

So gather up all your stuff and bring it! Please respond to this thread if you plan to attend or if you have other ideas/input that could be helpful to making this event a success. :idea:

Thanks all! :cheers:
I'm going to try to make it as I have a very cool Levitating Slide to sell. It is a new product I have developed for anybody who has a fridge or cooler they are tired of lifting in and out of their truck or want to take better advantage of their storage drawer system
Okay, I'll go first. Things "I might" bring to the swapmeet (I have a hard time letting things go...can you relate?)....

3 early hubcaps (these were off my dad's '67 FJ40 that he bought new off the lot in San Bernardino:

Later style hubcaps in fair condition:

alternator, starter, intake mani, egr stuff:

name this part (hint: it is upside down):

Okay, guys, your turn to post up some things you're gonna bring. Pics are good, but not necesary....
I have the following I am planning on bringing:

2 complete early style frontaxles
a FJ60 4-speed,with bellhousing
a very used 3speed trans\transfer assembly
stock 76 40 springs
Two complete double pulley crankshaft and fan pulley setups
a bullbar brushguard for a 40 or 55
v8-motor and transmission mounting kit
aftermarket transfer case mounting bracket
F motor flywheel
some old school turn signal brush guards- may be conferrs
a complete steering column -with wheel and column shift linkage from a 64 45
Steering column from a 76 FJ55
a decent set of 12X15 black steel rims
a few 2Fcarbs-76 era
a couple of early style FJ40 aircleaners
A nice clean set of 76 ambulance doors
FJ55 front spring packs
2 complete 2F top end assemblies - heads, rockers, pushrods,lifters, and valve covers. One of these heads has been hot tanked and magnafluxed. The other has all valves and springs installed- but condition is unknown.
and a box of brackets, doodads, and various whatnots.

Please buy my sh!t so I dont have to haul it home.
[/LIST]Will be willing to make great deals for those in need of parts-I am on a cruiser parts diet:cheers:
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Looking for an idea on who is bringing stuff and if its on trailers that would be outside due to space.......Ie big stuff, how much room I need in the back....
If you are gonna leave it on the trailer/back of your truck, Id suggest some shade.
Inside easy to move stuff should just bring something to sit if you want and maybe a table. I have some dollys wagons to move stuff if needed.

I'm looking for a front passenger door and steering wheel for a fj60, lmk if you are hauling one there.
Bump, Do we wanna do this again next year, Im thinking about April/May with the weather and events.
Need some feedback.
Im thinking mid May, space from Bakershell rally and before Rubithon. Not to warm yet.

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