1st Gen read


Oct 14, 2006
Manhattan, KS
THANX, that review is spot on, as we've had our 2000 LTD Access Cab 4X4 since Labor Day, 1999.

It was the 1st V8 I've owned (& thought it would be the last, until we bought our 2019 Land Cruiser). I've kept mileage records, & think 17 mpg would be our avg over < 100K miles. Replaced O2 sensors; knock sensor. Tailgate handle. Rear Bilsteins once. Believe the fronts are next.

After a minor bumper-bender, replaced with one of 1st 5 ARB Sahara bars in U.S. back in 2001. Local spring shop made stiffer front springs. Duratracs on it now.

Easily removable rear seats => lots of space for storage. Replaced the dead 6-disc CD with a Scion Pioneer single.

I've never contemplated replacing it with a new, LARGER, Tundra; nor nearly as large Tacoma. Been owning Toyotas since 1975 SR5 pickup.
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