Wanted 1st gen 4runner or newer models 5-6k

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United States
Hey guys i'm located in NH and have been looking for about a month for a 1st gen 4runner but haven't had any luck finding anything reasonably close. I am mostly looking for a 1st gen runner, but will definitely consider any newer models. I'm trying to find something that is highway friendly as I drive west in the winters for ski season, so hopefully something that's not super built. I have between 5 and 6K and will pay in cash. If you have anything in the New England area or close to please PM me here and i'll get back to you. I'm not looking for trail rigs, thanks, christian.
My son has a 1995 SR5 4runner that has around 96K miles, is clean, not rusted, has new timing belts. The overall condition is not quite what I consider excellent but definitely very good condition. He is in Charleston, S.C. though and is selling it for 5,500. His e-mail is; taharateq@gmail.com
I have an '85 4-Runner SR5 MT, solid front axle, 112k miles, one owner (me), no rust--been garaged for 95% of the time I've owned it. Has aftermarket tube rear bumber, roof rack (I carry a canoe on it), true-trac limited slip front & rear differntials (have the stock diffs if someone wants to return it to original) .............all else is stock. Doubt if you can find an '85 in this good of original condition. I'm asking $4800.

I'm in East Tennessee. Send me a PM form this site if interested.


I have 1st gen, but it aint for sale :) However, here is my 2 cents- dont buy a rig from the NE if you plan on keeping it for awhile. Rust as I am sure you are aware of. So, if you want to look at the Austin CL ads, I volunteer to be your eyes. You should be able to get a nice one for that price btw. If you see something, PM me.
Ive got a nice 3rd gen (1999) with 118k miles but Im in Southern California and its a long drive

ya thanks guys, my biggest problem out here has been the rust like was mentioned. i was going to college out in colorado, and had bought a 60 in california which I drove back to colorado and then all the way back to nh this spring. I sold the 60 out here, and now need to find another car, so while it would be great to buy something out west and bring it back here, i dont really have the time for it.
Christian, I got your PM and sent you a reply.......I'm out of town and can't send pics of the '85 4-Runner till I get back in a few days. It's in top shape, no rust, runs like a top and interior is great.


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