1hz overheating up hill and at 100kms (1 Viewer)

Feb 25, 2020
Ok all so an update on the overheating. Waikato Willy you were on the money. It cost me $11.98 FOR 18ml of the 10,000 cst oil. Same hill I was pulling 90 to 95 degrees on just topped out at 85 after 3 runs foot flat in 4th holding 70 to 80 kms. And no movement from 82 degrees at 100 kms where previously 100kms saw temps starting to rise towards 90. Hub appeared to be just bellow the holes. 3/4 of the tube of oil to fill to the top of the holes and the rest of tube on the hub. Thank you all for the Input. I would have thought the fan was good otherwise as it came from a turbo 1hz with no cooling issues.
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