Wanted 1HD-T or 1HD-FT

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Jan 12, 2018
Calgary, Alberta
United States
On the hunt for a 1HD-T or 1HD-FT. I would even be interested in a 1HD-T short block or long block in running condition.
I have enough parts to build a motor for my newly acquired HDJ81 with an ugly window in the side of the block but would like to find a stock motor to bolt in for now so I have more time to build the motor with some fun go fast parts. ( go fast being a relative term of course ) .
Hopefully if I keep asking eventually something will show up !
I got one from chapel gate for the same reason, takes time to get is stateside but then you can take your time with a max effort build
You must not be looking very hard, I've had to pass up 3 in the past couple months cause my pockets just aren't deep enough

I think @chapel gate still has one
That's why posted on here, to be told I wasnt looking hard enough! Feel free to share your wealth of access to engines.

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